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Perfect Fit Leather brings the stylish leather jackets and accessories that have taken Colombia by storm to the US and Canada and is proud to introduce the luxurious feel and exceptional craftsmanship of Colombian leather to the world. A collaborative effort, we feature the BogaTrends of Bogota, Colombia, and offer an exclusive line of fashions and accessories for men and women that you won't find in the shops or online storefronts of any other retailer.

Every piece in our collection is made by the skilled tailors and guarnecedores "seamstresses" that have made BogaTrends legendary for quality in Bogota. Each item that we sell is made to measure, ensuring a precise fit that is tailored exactly to your body.

Gone are the days of having to settle for jackets with arms that are too short or that are the wrong width or length for your frame. Because your luxury leather jacket will be made especially for you, you'll get a Perfect Fit--guaranteed.

Before your finely crafted made-to-measure leatherwear is shipped to you, we take the time to personally inspect it. The piece is measured for all 12 sizing dimensions, and we will only send it to you if each one is exact. This extra layer of quality control means that you'll be delighted with your order when it arrives.

BogaTrends of Bogota is owned by TOMMY'S CUERO GENUINO, which means "genuine leather" in Spanish. Founded in 1984 by Thomas Talero and Luz Janneth Ortegon, the company has spent the last 32 years creating luxury leatherwear for the Colombian market.

Their first focus was on bringing luxury-grade footwear to Bogota and beyond. During the 80s and 90s, an influx of cheaply made synthetic shoes from Brazil and China had flooded the market, leaving style conscious men and women having to pay exorbitant prices for imported shoes from Italy and France. TOMMY'S CUERO GENUINO was able to supply an alternative that rivaled the quality of fine European leathers at a much more competitive price. 

While the collection of fashions and accessories offered by TOMMY'S CUERO GENUINO expanded over the years, their commitment to quality never faltered. In 2015, director Luz Janneth transformed the company into BogaTrends to reflect the sophisticated, trendy styles of their collection of jackets, wallets and handbags. Now for the first time, their custom-made pieces are yours to own through this special partnership with Perfect Fit.

We hope you will enjoy browsing our collection of premium Colombian leather fashions and accessories. If we can be of assistance to you at any time, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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