Get Free Shipping with No Taxes or Duty Charges


Q  I want to buy a jacket.   How can I make the payment?

A  You can make the payment through PayPal or Credit Card. We use SSL secured Check out so you can make the payment without any worries


Q  Can I return the Jacket if I don’t like it or if it does not fit me?

A  Please understand that these garments are custom made to measure specially for you and we do not accept returns for refunds  under any circumstances.   All details,  including style, material, color and measurements are as per your choice and we are not likely to be able to sell it to anyone else.


Q  What if my jacket doesn’t fit because of your error?

A   We always recheck the order and dimensions before shipment and also enclose a signed checking report.   But,  people do make mistakes.  In the event your item does not fit, please check the measurements to what you submitted on your order form. If our measurements differ from what you submitted,  we will replace the garment with a new one absolutely free of charge upon return of the old garment for us to check.  Please follow our instruction on the RETURNS page.


Q  Does Free Shipping apply to all countries?

A  Yes, All Jackets and Coats are shipped FREE OF CHARGE.  Handbags and/or Blouses will have shipping charges UNLESS they are purchased with a jacket and can be included in the shipment. We DO NOT ship to PO boxes or APO addresses.

NOTE:  We only ship to the USA and Canada


Q  Will my shipment be charged taxes or customs duties?

A  NO taxes or duties will be charged to your account.  In the event the carrier request payment of taxes or duties upon delivery, please keep your payment receipt and contact us for a FULL REFUND of these charges.

Q  How long will it take to receive my jacket?

A  Since these are custom made to measure jackets,  we usually ship orders within 3 to 5 weeks.    After Shipping, it usually takes 3 to 7 business days for your package to be delivered to your doorstep.


Q  How do I track my package?

A  Presently, we use DHL EXPRESS International shipping for all our shipment?  You will be sent a DHL tracking # once your package leaves.  Your package can be tracked through the DHL system.


Q  How do I send my measurements?

A  Measurements are sent at the time of order.  You will be prompted to fill out our Measurement Form which will be emailed to us at time of order.  There are over 12 measurements to be taken to help us assure that  your jacket is individually tailored and custom fit to you.  Please fill out all the measurements so your order isn’t delayed.




Q  Is it difficult to take your own measurements?

A  Taking your measurements is very simple!   We do recommend that you have someone assist in taking the measurements using a cloth measuring tape. Measurements should not be taken over heavy or bulky clothes.  Normal shirts, pant or dresses are OK.   Our Measurements page has short videos  to show how to take some measurements and there is a sketch for each measurement with short instructions showing how and where to take each measurement.


Q  Where are your products made?

A  All our products are made in Colombia, SA.  The company has been in business for over 30 years in the production of quality leather goods.  Our master tailors and experienced craftsmen are some of the best in the world.  Colombian leather is at the forefront in technical development and Colombia’s superior craftsmanship  produces some of the finest, premium grade leathers in the world.


Q  Do you have other materials/colors?

A  The description page for each jacket has the standard type, color and finish of leather to be used.  Other types of leather and different colors are available.  Please email us from the Contact Us Page with what you are looking for.  We will let you know if it’s available and if there is any additional cost for your special order.

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